Ambislim Review – Does Ambislim PM Work?

Ambislim PM Review

What is Ambislim PM?

Ambislim is a new diet pill claiming to promote weight loss while you sleep. Its function is twofold; to increase weight loss alongside a healthy diet and exercise, whilst also aiding customers to reset their body clocks and attain a restful and more productive sleep pattern.

A study found that not enough sleep, for example just 5 hours a night, can increase chances of obesity by 75%.

The actual company producing Ambislim PM does not seem to be advertising themselves next to the product and are so far anonymous, this in itself causes a little cause for concern.

So, does Ambislim PM work?

Most the ingredients listed on the website are certainly well known for their reputation as antioxidants, weight loss supplements or sleeping aids, and there’s a handful of not so well known components.

Ambislim contains: Decaffeinated Green Tea, Slimaluma, Chromium Polynicotinate, Magnolia Bark, Guggulsterones 2.5%, Dandelion Root, Coleus Forskohlii, Garcinia Cambogia and Cinnamon Extract. However, the actual amounts of these ingredients contained within the capsules appear to be missing from the website.

Ambislim claims that from the first use, a restful sleep should be achieved, but it takes up to 3 months for a long term change to be seen. It also states it takes an average of 7 days for any weight loss to develop, but stresses that it must be used in conjunction with a daily exercise regime and healthy eating.

Surely if someone was to begin using Ambislim at the start of their diet, they would notice some weight loss after a week anyway? With that in mind, unsurprisingly, Ambilsim says that only 1% of users are dissatisfied.

Ambislim PM Side Effects

The all natural and completely organic Ambislim boasts to have no negative side effects except from people with allergies to the ingredients. But when reading the small print it seems to be a different story.

Obviously sticking to the recommended dose is important, and being a sleeping aid, it will hopefully make one drowsy, and therefore warns customers away from driving or operating heavy machinery. However, an extremely worrisome caution of “discontinue using if you begin hallucinating”, is not something seen on your average weight loss supplement.

Is Ambislim PM worth buying?

It is everyone’s dream to be able to lose weight whilst doing nothing more than sleeping, but Ambislim isn’t even offering that; you are still going to have to ditch the junk food and get to the gym. Although independent research has found that 7 hours of sleep a night will improve chances of weight loss, Ambislim itself has not had any clinical trials or been verified by the FDA as a sleeping aid.

Ambislim PM Alternatives

Perhaps one of the best diet supplements we have reviewed in recent years is the natural fat burner –  Capsiplex.

Capsiplex contains a natural compound called Capsicum which is clinically proven to boost the metabolism by up to 12x (burning as many calories as 30 minutes worth of swimming) and has been called the “NHS wonder pill” by leading UK newspapers.

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