Apidexin Review – Is Apidexin A Scam?

Apidexin Reviews

What is Apidexin?

Apidexin is a relatively new product on the market that claims to allow you to use 400% more weight. There has been some controversy around Apidexin, although it appears to have a number of positive reviews as well.

The product is based around a secret proprietary blend. With all the secrecy and controversy, many people want to know how effective Apidexin truly is.

Apidexin Ingredients

We do know that there are eight ingredients that form Apidexin, although it is important to note that most of what is contained is hidden under the “proprietary blend” label, so it is impossible to know exactly what makes up this herbal supplement.

The ingredients that are listed include Bioperine, Infinergy DiCaffieine Malate, Forslean, Thermodiamine, Fucoxanthin, and others. While some of these have been tested, many of them are not proven scientifically when it comes to their effectiveness. Many of the ingredients have not been tested by the FDA for effectiveness or safety.

What does Apidexin Do?

This is another tough question. The Apidexin website and marketing plan is relatively ambiguous, making claims that are hard to understand.

While they do promise that you will lose 400% more weight, they don’t explain what that means.

What is the Customer Response to Apidexin?

Very few reviews have been posted by independent resources. Those that have, though, have highlighted that there is a risk of increased heart rate as well as moderate headaches.

Some users have not even found any positive effects from Apidexin despite dealing with the uncomfortable side effects.

Should I Buy Apidexin?

It does appear that Apidexin has been hyped up by its producers well beyond any true value. There is simply not enough evidence available that this is a safe and effective product. The best choice, it would seem, would be to find another herbal supplement that is more open about its ingredients and has stronger clinical backing.

Apidexin Alternative

One highly recommended alternative to Apidexin is Capsiplex, a weight loss treatment based on capsicum extract from chili peppers.

Capsicum makes clear claims, has an easy to understand ingredients list, has been shown to be safe and effective by doctors and clinical trials, and has the support of thousands of customers – a very clear choice when compared to the ambiguity of Apidexin.

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