Avesil Review – Does Avesil Work?

Avesil Reviews

What is Avesil?

Avesil is a natural weight-loss supplement which claims to burn fat and increase energy levels.

How does Avesil work?

The ingredients in Avesil are ChromeMate, ashwaghanda extract, green tea extract (decaffeinated) and caffeine. The formula works through thermogenics, stimulating your metabolism and raising your body temperature. It also claims to induce lypolysis, which simply means it breaks down fats.

Avesil side effects

According to the official site, “a few individuals notice very mild headaches or increased heart rate.” Also, it shouldn’t be used in conjunction with other weight-loss products, or by pregnant or breastfeeding women, or anyone under the age of 18. Anyone with a pre-existing medical condition should consult with a professional before using Avesil.

Is Avesil worth buying?

According to the official Avesil website, the weight-loss “potential” of the ingredients in Avesil are backed up by a number of scientific studies. The manufacturer claims it boosts weight loss by around three times, as compared with dieting and exercise alone, and that effects can be seen quickly.

In order for customers to give this product a test run, a “FREE” 30-day supply is offered, where the customer pays $5.95 for shipping and processing. However, this agreement enters the customer into an auto-shipment arrangement, which means he or she will get charged automatically for the next order unless it is cancelled in time.

At $89.95 plus shipping, this could be a costly mistake if you forget. To avoid being charged, customers must cancel the agreement within 14 days of placing the order and send back the remaining pills at their own cost.

Because of this process, there are some negative reviews of the product on Amazon, where disgruntled customers have said they found it difficult to get their money refunded when they didn’t want the product. A number of reviewers on Amazon also said they were disappointed with the customer service they received when they called up to try and get their money refunded.

Avesil Alternatives

One of the major criticisms which has been levelled at Avesil is that it is quite expensive, at around $96 per month for a product which appears to contain only a handful of relatively inexpensive ingredients.

This has led to many customers looking elsewhere for a proven weight loss aid, with many opting for Phen375 – which costs less than Avesil and has fantastic feedback from its users. Phen375 is manufactured in FDA-registered pharmaceutical labs, using high-grade ingredients which work to safely and effectively boost the metabolism and suppress appetite.

Read more about Phen375 in the full review here

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