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Capsiplex at Holland and Barrett

Capsiplex is a metabolism boosting diet pill which claims to burn more calories using natural red hot chilli extract. Unlike many fat burners currently available, Capsiplex is both clinically proven and is not known to cause any adverse side effects.

Although initially only available to buy from the official Capsiplex website, huge exposure by the media quickly saw it being stocked in Holland and Barrett and Harrods of London.

However, the best prices and deals on Capsiplex are still to be had on the capsiplex website, with big savings on bulk purchases of 2 bottles and over.

Currently a three month order of capsiplex saves 20% on RRP and includes a FREE bottle of Capsiplex Appetite Suppressor.

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How does Capsiplex work?

Capsiplex is based on years of clinical studies into the effects of spicy foods on our metabolism – particularly red hot chilli extract.

Although this link has been known for some time, the amount of chillis needed for weight loss is far more than most people can bear to stomach.

However, the makers of Capsiplex – Advanced Health Ltd were the first company to utilise an effective amount of red hot chilli peppers in a PH-sensitive coating, which does not cause any irritation.

The Capsiplex beadlet design also digests slowly over time and does not cause any feeling of heat normally asscociated with chilli peppers.

Does Capsiplex really work?

According to recent clinical trials, one Capsiplex capsule can burn nearly 300 calories, and helps prime the metabolism for hours at a time.

Unlike many other fat burners which promise to do the same thing, capsiplex does not contain any harsh stimulants and has proved to be one of the safest diet pills available.

Capsiplex is highly beneficial for those who suffer from a slow metabolism or struggle to lose weight even when calories are restricted.

Many people also find Capsiplex provides more energy throughout the day, and is even more effective when taken 30 mins before exercise.

How many Capsiplex tablets do I take per day?

Simply take one tablet each day either before breakfast or 30 mins before exercise. Do not exceed stated dose. One bottle of Capsiplex contains a 30 day supply.

Where to buy Capsiplex?

Capsiplex is available to buy from Holland and Barrett for £30.79, although those looking to buy 2+ bottles would be better off buying from the official website.

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