Dieters Cheating Caps Review – Do Dieters Cheating Caps Work?

Dieters Cheating Caps

dieters cheating caps review img 1What Are Dieters Cheating Caps?

Dieters Cheating Caps are an unusual concept as the dieter is encouraged to completely rely on the pill to lose weight. Their website slogan “Cheaters Never Prosper?” suggests that you are entitled to ‘cheat’ by allowing their pill to do the work while you eat whatever you like.

How do Dieters Cheating Caps work?

The three main ingredients found in the formula claim to work by suppressing the appetite, blocking fat and limiting carbohydrate intake – in principle a dieters dream.

The three main ingredients are :

  1. Glucomannan works as an appetite suppressant by encouraging the body to absorb up to 200 times its weight in water. This has the common side effect of causing dehydration and diarrhoea when taken in any notable quantity. Additionally, this fibre is not suitable for diabetics as it can interfere with blood sugar control.
  2. Chitosan is derived from shellfish and is known as the ‘fat blocker’ part of this diet pill, it attaches itself to the fat preventing your body from full absorbing it (similar to how Alli works). However, during clinical animal trials, research showed that Chitosan inhibited the absorption of minerals and fat soluble vitamins. Other effects shown in the animals were breathing problems, skin rashes and swelling of the legs.
  3. Phaesolus Vulgaris also known as white kidney bean extract, is used for blocking carbohydrates. It contains a digestive enzyme called alpha-amylase which can prevent or delay digestion of complex carbohydrates. Unfortunately, research shows that an incredibly large amount of this ingredient is needed to work as a weight loss tool. Also, as the extract may contain raw husks, you may experience flatulence and it can cause stomach discomfort and diarrhoea.

Dieters Cheating Caps Side Effects

There are only 3 main ingredients listed in this diet pill, each at 750mg but with no daily value established.

Are Dieters Cheating Caps effective?

Each of the three main ingredients seem only effective consumed in large quantities and all share the possible side effects of causing dehydration and stomach upsets. There doesn’t appear to be much endorsement for the product from their consumers either.

Actual Dieters Cheating Caps testimonials

One Amazon reviewer wrote “Do not waste your money, I took them for 3 weeks had no results just had dizzy and weakness spells.”

Another commented, “Just did not do the job.”

On their website, one reviewer stated, “I lost 20lbs after 4 bottles.” Considering there are 90 tablets in a bottle, it took a lot of diet pills to make that weight loss happen.

Dieters Cheating Caps Review Conclusion

There is always cause for concern when a diet pill discourages you from following a healthy diet promising instead to eliminate the pounds without even trying. There is no evidence of human clinical trials taking place for this product and the only refunds available are on unopened bottles. Feedback is generally poor, with only websites selling the product singing its praises.

Dieters Cheating Caps Alternatives

dieters cheating caps review img 2The fat blocking ingredient found in Dieters Cheating Capsules (Chitosan – taken from shellfish) is known to be vastly inferior to the 100% natural fat blocker – Prickly Pear extract.

Prickly Pear has had a long history use in a number of well known over-the-counter fat blockers, with the popular Proactol Plus said to be one of the most effective.

Proactol can block up to 28% of the fat you eat in everyday meals, reducing the calorie content by around 150 cals each time. This can add up to a big calorie saving in as little as week, with many users claiming weight loss of around 2-4lbs every 7-10 days.

Proactol is 100% medically backed and clinically proven, and is available without the need for prescription in any country.

Read more about Proactol in our review

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