Adapexin-P Reviews – Does Adapexin Work?

Adapexin-P Review

What is Adapexin-P?

Produced in the United States, Adapexin-P is one of many diet pills that promise to burn off weight fast and to reduce your appetite. While this pill is mostly only sold in the U.S., the manufacturer also allows shipments abroad, including to the UK.

How does Adapexin Work?

The manufacturer claims that the combination of Phenylethylamine and Caffeine help speed up the body’s fat burning process, while also suppressing the appetite. Other ingredients include Chromax, Vitamin B12, ginger root, raspberry extract, glucomannan, and more.

While some of these are known as healthy supplements, it is hard to tell how these ingredients could result in the rapid weight-loss that the makers of Adapexin promise.

Is Adapexin-P Clinically Proven?

While their theory about Phenylethylamine and caffeine sounds nice, the truth is that there is no clinical backing to this theory. This is not to say that no tests have been conducted, though.

The tests that have been conducted on Phenylethylamine have been inconclusive regarding any weight loss benefits. Some have even shown that this compound is destroyed in the liver, which would mean that it would not even be absorbed by your body in the first place!

How Effective is Adapexin-P?

If you visit the company website, you will notice that they are doing their best to build up hype about the Adapexin-P product. There are claims (none of which are backed up) that you could lose anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds in just one month.

While there might be some products on the market that could offer results like this, none of the ingredients in Adapexin-P seem to make such claims seem believable. In fact, some reviews from customers on independent websites have claimed that Adapexin-P produced no results.

Adapexin-P Conclusion

Adapexin is manufactured by a seemingly anonymous U.S. company (they offer no contact details, just a web-based contact form) and does not have any clinical evidence or substantiate data to back up their hype-filled claims.

Adapexin-P Recommended Alternative

One would be making a better choice by selecting a clinically-proven product such as Phen375. Phen375 makes much more realistic claims of 3 to 5 lbs per week weight loss.

Phen375 also has substantial clinical evidence and a comprehensive money back guarantee.

If you’d like a proven dual action weight loss pill, Phen375 is one of the best alternatives to Adapexin available today.

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