Apidextra Reviews – Does Apidextra Work?

Apidextra Review

What is Apidextra?

Apidextra is a diet pill formulated using 8 key ingredients that are combined to allegedly help your body to burn fat, boost metabolism and suppress your appetite all at once.

How does Apidextra work?

The ingredients found in the Apidextra diet pill formula have all been featured in various other slimming formulations, each having varying degrees of evidence as a weight loss aid.

However, and as with a growing number of diet pills, it appears the manufacturer has decided to rely on using as many weight loss ingredients as possible, without giving any details as to how much of each ingredient has been used.

This tactic is commonly used by the supplement industry, with an alarming number of herbal formulations containing only minuscule amounts of key ingredients. This does not stop the manufacturer publishing the claims of each ingredient, as is the case on the official Apidextra website.

Apidextra Ingredients

Cissus Quadrangularis – this is used as Apidextra boasts it has an excellent effect in suppressing your appetite. However, on further investigation this plant extract is often used as an alternative to anabolic steroids as it has been proven to increase muscle development.

Dicaffeine Malate – Another possible concern would be the use of Dicaffeine Malate, Apidextra proudly state that this will increase your metabolism whilst suppressing your appetite. Dicaffeine Malate is a combination of caffeine and malic acid and is often found in fizzy drinks. It is a stimulant so can cause jitters and an increased heart rate.

Co-enzyme Q10 – The most questionable ingredient is the Co-enzyme Q10. This is a naturally occurring substance within the human body and is necessary for the basic function of cells. Apidextra believe by increasing the amount of Co-enzyme Q10 you have, it will increase your metabolic rate and help burn extra calories. However, in other studies it has been known that excessive amounts of Co-enzyme Q10 can reduce blood sugar levels and decrease blood pressure.

Other ingredients such as Vitamin C, Olive Oil Extract, Mentha Longifolia (wild mint), Phytosome Green Tea and Irvingia Gabonensis (wild mango) are deemed as naturally sourced and therefore harmless. Although, it is worth mentioning that The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) do not regulate herbs and supplements, so the safety of the product is not guaranteed.

Apidextra diet pill dosage

You are instructed to take 1-2 tablets a day, with each bottle consisting of 60 tablets you are expected to see results within 30 days.

Apidextra reviews conclusion

While some of the compounds have shown to be effective when used as a standalone weight loss aid, Apidextra is unlikely to contain any real beneficial quantity of anything; it is simply impossible to feature enough of all 8 ingredients in just one capsule. Those looking for an effective weight loss supplement are advised to look elsewhere.

Apidextra Diet Pill Alternatives

Perhaps one of the best diet pills released last year was Capsiplex – a 100% natural fat burner which has been clinically proven to increase the metabolism by up to 12x.

Capsiplex was hailed as the “NHS miracle diet pill” by The Daily Mail, and has gone on to be on one of the best selling slimming aids in the UK, selling over 50,000 bottles on the day of its release.

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