Liponutra Review – Does Liponutra Work?

Liponutra Review

What is Liponutra?

According to their very limited website, Liponutra is primarily advertised as a fat burner. It boasts 9 key ingredients, though only 4 are listed on the website.

The claim made by the manufacturer is that Liponutra can help you “burn more fat than you ever possible” and suggests you can keep the weight off.

Is Liponutra effective?

Unfortunately, there is no evidence of clinical trials having been conducted on this particular supplement. This is essential as with a concoction of natural ingredients being used there may be side effects when they are ingested together, something that needs to be tested before consumers try it for themselves.

Additionally, there is no mention of the concentration of each ingredient used, for example, Green Tea Extract is listed as a metabolism suppressant, but in large doses it can cause the same side effects as caffeine, so it is essential you know how much you are consuming.

Liponutra side effects

Although the main ingredients carry little risk, on further investigation, two of the other non-listed ingredients tell a different story.

Caffeine Anhydrous

This is basically caffeine without the water. It is created when caffeine is extracted from coffee to enable it to become decaffeinated, Caffeine Anhydrous is what is removed. It is a pure form of caffeine and although it may encourage your metabolism to speed up and suppress your appetite simultaneously, it is a harmful addition to your diet. Caffeine is a well-known diuretic so will encourage dehydration and may cause jitters and sleeplessness.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Created from the fermentation of apples, during the process sugar and alcohol is broken down into vinegar. There is evidence that it can have a damaging effect on low bone mineral density, so if you suffer from Osteoporosis proceed with caution. Additionally, in animal tests, damage was found within the stomach, duodenum and liver of the animal.

Is Liponutra worth buying?


Unfortunately it is impossible to determine how effective this supplement actually is. With a lack of full ingredient information and no actual quantities of compounds used in the formula, it is anyone’s guess as to its effectiveness and safety.

Liponutra alternatives

Those looking for an effective fat burner should consider tried and tested supplements which have a good reputation for giving good results and which feature a safe formula.

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