Liporexall Side Effects – Is Liporexall Safe?

Is Liporexall Safe?

What is Liporexall?

Liporexall is a weight loss supplement in tablet form to be taken twice daily, once before breakfast and once before lunch. It is made of a combination of 11 individually patented, natural ingredients, selected due to their association with promoting weight loss.

However, Liporexall is a weight loss aid which should be approached with caution. In the absence of a breakdown of the ingredients, especially in the light of the question mark over the Serotonin and caffeine levels, it is hard to assess whether this product will be effective and even safe.

It is advisable that if you are currently taking any anti-depressant medication that you should seek medical advice before taking Liporexall. This also raises questions over its safety and possible side effects.

Those looking for a safe, effective fat burner with positive feedback should look elsewhere.

Recommended alternatives – Phen375

One of the better fat burning supplements we have reviewed in recent months is Phen375, featuring the “youth hormone” – Dehydroepiandrosterone –  which works to lower overall body fat percentage.

Phen375 is at the forefront of current weight loss research, and is one of the only fat burners to be formulated in FDA registered laboratories under strict supervision. While the formula is known to be extremely effective, it is also 100% natural and free from negative side effects.

Read more about Phen375 in the review here

Does Liporexall really work?

To assess whether or not Liporexall is an effective fat burner, it is important to look at the ingredients contained within the formula. These are Chromate, Pinnothin, Super Citrimax, Advantra Z, Foreslean, Infinergy, Neoptunia, Tonalin, Bioperine and 7 Keto.

Although these are all patented ingredients shown in various studies to help encourage a faster metabolism, the amounts in Liporexall are undocumented. This means we are unable to assess whether they are present in amounts significant enough to be effective.

In addition, Liporexall itself has not had any clinical trials, and although the testimonials on the official site provide convincing support of the product’s claims, there are no independent reviews online to support this.

There are also no details as to the side effects, and as it contains high levels of caffeine, associated side effects such as heart palpitations, anxiety and increase in blood pressure could be possible. This has been documented on other independent review sites.

Herbal, easy to swallow tablet form.
Reasonable cost.
90 day money back guarantee. Cons
No clinical trials undertaken on the product.
No breakdown of quantities of the ingredients.
No company address or phone number, only an email by which you can request full contact details.

Liporexall Conclusion
Overall Rating : (2.5/5)

The official site claims that it contains the ‘right amount of nutrients to enhance health,’ which seems to be a very bold claim in light of the missing ingredient quantities.

Although the 30 day money back guarantee is reassuring, the official site does stipulate that you should follow a healthy diet and take regular exercise whilst taking Liporexall to ensure optimum effects.

With all diets and diet aids results can vary drastically from person to person, however, in light of the lack of actual independent reviews it remains to be seen if Liporexall is as effective or as safe as the manufacturer claims.

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