Phenslim 37.5mg Review – Does Phenslim 37.5mg Work?

Phenslim 37.5 review

What is Phenslim 37.5mg?

Phenslim 37.5mg is an appetite suppressant and fat burner. It is being marketed as the latest in a long line of non-prescription alternatives to Phentermine, a powerful weight loss prescription capsule that has been available since the 1950s.

As such it is being marketed head to head with Phen375, the current market leader in non-prescription alternatives.

The claim is that Phenslim can increase fat burning and lower appetite so much so that roughly 1,000 calories a day are negated by this product, which is quite a claim.

So how effective is Phenslim in reality?

The quick and honest answer is its impossible to know. Normally, we are given at the very least a list of ingredients that the manufacturer has put in his capsules, but here we have no information at all. The product claims to burn fat on the thighs, stomach and legs, but how it does that is anyone’s guess.

We cannot even rely on customer feedback – itself a dubious and easy to manipulate method – because the only feedback we have is from the Phenslim site. It really cannot be emphasised enough that no hard and fast information (clinical trials and studies e.t.c.) exists at present about this product.

Phenslim 37.5mg side effects

There have been no reported instances of side effects, but the product is so new that no independent analysis has yet been made on the product. Since we do not know the exact composition of the capsules, it is impossible to tell if any adverse side effects are likely.

Is Phenslim 37.5mg worth buying?

Phenslim takes its place as one of the legal, non-prescription alternatives to Phentermine, so does that mean that we can recommend it?

The problem is that you the consumer are being asked to buy a new and untried product about which very little is known. You will take a tablet and have no idea exactly what is contained within it. This reviewer feels that it is impossible to recommend a product on that basis alone.

Phenslim 37.5mg alternatives

It is obvious from the name that Phenslim 37.5 is based on the name Phen375, and that product is the main non-prescription alternative to Phentermine.

Given that Phen375 is well known and thoroughly tested and researched, why change to a non tested alternative when you have Phen375 on the market?

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