The Popularity Of Phentermine – How Does It Work?

How did Phentermine become to be so popular?

Since its development and FDA approval in the US in 1959, phentermine has been one of the most sought after diet drugs in US and UK.

This is mainly due to its ability to produce fast, significant weight loss in those who historically have found weight loss impossible.

A comparable alternative is hard to find and its effectiveness combined with its affordability has made it the diet drug of choice throughout the western world.

So what is Phentermine and how does it work?

Phentermine is a powerful psycholstimulant which acts as an anoretic, or appetite suppressant. Phentermine stimulates the production of neurotransmitters in the brain which control hunger levels, so users eat less and feel fuller for longer.

It also mimics the effects of adrenalin putting the body into flight or fight mode which increases levels of alertness whilst overpowering natural hunger sensations adding to its effects as a potent appetite suppressant. Another effect of phentermine is that it triggers the production of epinephrine, a hormone which breaks down stored fats in the body which are then used as energy.

The multiple weight loss effects of phentermine are unrivalled, and although prescribed only for short term use, can make a serious indentation in weight loss to be continued with a healthy diet and exercise. It is estimated that phentermine can help lose between 5-10% of initial body weight, giving the patient the motivation and increased energy levels to continue losing weight successfully.

Is it really that effective at causing weight loss?

The effects of phentermine are so substantial that weight is lost from all over the body, not just the odd inch here and there. It is ideal for those desperately needing to lose weight quickly, in the event of surgery or where excess weight is making chronic disease likely, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

In the 1990s scientists found that when phentermine was combined with Fenfluramine, another appetite suppressant, results were even more impressive. This lead to prescriptions of the combined drug reaching 6.6 million in the US alone that year.

In 1997 the risks of the Fen-Phen combination on heart health were exposed when the Mayo Clinic found 24 reported cases of heart valve disease, and another study found 30% of users of Fen-Phen had abnormal heart valves.

Despite these rather unpleasant findings, the demand for phentermine did not dissipate.

Classed as a controlled substance, the DEA made online ordering of phentermine illegal in order to prevent abuse of the drug. Phentermine can only be obtained on prescription from a medical practitioner, where the risks and complicating factors can be monitored and limited.

It is intended to be used in the initial stages of weight loss; its drastic results will motivate and develop more positive eating habits which then can be maintained in the long term. Weight loss will not only be achieved, but long term health will improve, which is why phentermine is such a popular and effective diet aid.

Where can I find out more about Phentermine?

One of the best resources on this prescription only drug is wikipedia or webmd– both look at the history of Phentermine, associated brand names, generic names, potential side effects, important patient information and more.

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