Phenphedrine Review – Is Phenphedrine A Scam?

Phenphedrine Review

What is Phenphedrine?

Phenphedrine is a new fat burner that claims to have a unique way of combating weight-gain and improving your metabolism. Due to its ingredients and the way they are activated, Phenphedrine has sparked up some controversy.

How does Phenphedrine Work?

The makers of Phenphedrine claim that they are able to activate the C-A-R-T system of the human body in order to boost your metabolism and burn fat quickly. The C-A-R-T is the Cocaine and Amphetamine Related Transcript, which is aptly named due to its responsiveness to cocaine, amphetamine, and other similar drugs.

While Phenphedrine does not contain any illegal drugs, it has chemicals that have been designed to serve as medical alternatives to cocaine.  Additionally, Phenphedrine depends on Dicaffeine Malate, which is a hyperactive form of caffeine.

Is Phenphedrine Effective?

While there have been a few positive reviews, there have also been users who have seen no positive results and who have struggled to try and get some sort of a refund.

Additionally, while science does show that the caffeine content can boost your metabolism, there are no clinically proven weight loss benefits.

Is Phenphedrine Safe?

While Phenphedrine itself may be relatively safe, similar products in the past have caused some major health issues. Some users have experienced uncomfortable stomach cramps, moderate nausea, headaches, insomnia, and an increased heart rate. If you are under 18, are pregnant or nursing, or have heart problems, you should avoid Phenphedrine.

Is There a Better Option?

Many people, after looking at the reviews (as well as the active ingredients) of Phenphedrine, have decided that they would like to try something that is safer and has more widespread approval from the medical community.

One such option, is Phen375. Phen375 contains only natural ingredients which stimulate the the release of beneficial hormones responsible for burning fat.

Phen375 offers a whole host of benefits when compared to Phenphedrine and helps prevent cravings, stimulates metabolism and targets stubborn fatty deposits.

Additionally, Phen375 is produced in FDA approved laboratories to pharmacy standard, ensuring you get a quality supplement which is proven to work.

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