Slimvox Review – Slimvox Customer Reviews

Slimvox Customer Reviews

What is Slimvox?

SlimVox Extreme Weight Loss Formula For Her is a new herbal diet pill aimed specifically at women. SlimVox is designed with the female body in mind and claims to not only help women lose weight quickly and permanently, but also to promote a range of other beneficial effects including improved skin condition, enhanced curves and improved mood and libido; providing what SlimVox calls ‘the complete body makeover.’

Does Slimvox work?

SlimVox’s advertising claims go well beyond what would normally be expected from a diet pill, and with taglines like ‘enhance your breasts’, ‘get your perfect body’ and ‘the sexy curves and voluptuous look you’ve always wanted is just around the corner’ SlimVox is certainly giving itself something to live up to.

According to the official website, Slimvox claims that users can lose an average of 15 to 20 lbs when using the supplement in conjunction with a healthy diet and (unspecified) exercise programme.

The Slimvox website does not provide any information about the identity or the previous track record of the manufacturers, and there is no indication that the product has been clinically or scientifically tested before being made available to the public. Rather oddly, there is also no information regarding the amounts of any of the individual ingredients used in the formula.

Slimvox customer reviews

Online customer reviews on trusted sites such as Amazon are a mixed bag at best, with some reviewer’s happy with the results of SlimVox, while others describe the product as ineffective and reporting side effects such as headaches, moodiness and lack of sleep.

Slimvox Ingredients

The pills are made in the USA from ingredients including extracts of Green Tea, Ginger Root, Cinnamon, Soy Isoflavones, Chocamine, Kelp, and L-Tyrosine, all of which have been shown to be effective in helping to promote weight loss. Additional ingredients include Dong Quai, Wild Yam Root, Motherswort, Blessed Thistle, Elverberry, Magnolia Bark, Passion Flower, Oatsraw, Fennel Seed, Damiana Leaves and Razberi-K.

Slimvox Side Effects

SlimVox is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and although the supplement is 100% natural, the manufacturers suggest that you consult a doctor before using it in conjunction with any other drugs, medication or slimming products.

Slimvox Review Conclusion


The claims made by the manufacturer are hard to justify, with zero clinical backing and a lack of actual ingredient quantities, it is hard to guess the effectiveness or safety of using this particular diet supplement.

Slimvox Alternatives

There are countless diet products which promise to help you lose weight in as short as time frame as possible. However, it’s a simple fact that over 90% of the supplements currently available offer little chance of success, while only a handful of ingredients actually hold any merit as a weight loss aid.

We recently tested three of the best rated diet pills based on popularity in both the States and UK. We examined the effectiveness, price, safety and ingredients of each product to find out which one was the best buy.

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