Thermotox Review – Do Thermotox Diet Pills Work?

Thermotox Diet Pills

What is Thermotox?

Thermotox is a prescription-free diet supplement which claims to detoxify the body and burn excess fat. According to the manufacturer, the main reason why people gain weight is due to a build up of toxins in the system. Thermotox contains 40 ingredients which claim to detoxify the body and burn excess fat.

Is Thermotox effective?

Unfortunately there is no clinical evidence which suggests toxins in the body are the number one reason why people become obese, and the makers of Thermoxin present no research to back up their argument. It is simply claimed that Thermotox will help to clean the body’s organs and that this action will assist weight loss, it is not explained how this process is accomplished.

While the official website states there are forty separate compounds which make up the Thermotox formula, there are no ingredient amounts listed. Since we do not know just how much of each item is contained in the capsules, it is impossible to tell the effectiveness, or otherwise, of Thermotox.

Thermotox money back guarantee

The money back guarantee should provide consumers with some relief, but if we dig a little deeper into the website we can see that the guarantee is actually rather difficult to enforce. An unhappy consumer must first off obtain a customer number from the company and this number must be included with the returned items. The company will then reimburse, having taken out an undisclosed amount for postage and packing.

Thermotox side effects

As only 12 of the 40 ingredients used in the formula are listed on the official website, it is impossible to know whether this product would cause any negative side effects.

Thermotox review conclusion

Thermotox may be the latest thing to sweep the dieting world, but it has not proven its claims in any way. The notion that toxins are responsible for obesity is an unproven assertion at best.

Furthermore, the quantities of ingredients contained in each capsule remain unknown and until we have the correct data we cannot tell just how effective (or safe) this product actually is.

Those looking for a clinically proven fat burner which offers a safe and effective way to increase the metabolism should look elsewhere.

Thermotox alternatives

Perhaps one of the best fat burners we have reviewed in recent years is Phen375 – a highly effective and 100% natural supplement which contains 5 key ingredients that force the body to hold less fat.

Phen375 is one of the only fat burners on the market to be formulated in FDA approved laboratories, ensuring a quality product which is both safe and effective.

Read more about Phen375 in our review

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